Digital Democracy

Digitalization and the Public Sphere in Brazil

1 year of the Digital Democracy project

How can we measure impact and use digital tools to strengthen the democratic process? FGV DAPP accepted that challenge

The Digital Democracy project completes 1 year this month. That was one year monitoring major topics in the public debate and publishing quality information, seeking to strengthen democracy. Disinformation, election fraud, hate speech and science were some of the topics explored.

The project produced 5 studies, 3 events, 3 workshops and actions with several partners. All the products were highlighted on our social networks and on national and international media.

The Digital Democracy project is about inspiring society in a relevant way, whether it be through memes, graphs or movie stories. It is important that information is understood and shared.

This is an initiative of FGV DAPP with the support of the German Embassy in Brasília and will last until 2022. The project uses FGV DAPP’s experience in applied research on social networks and expertise in the analysis of public policies, which was built throughout the last decade.

The objective of developing strategies to fight and understand the major challenges of Brazilian democracy has been essential for the development of all activities so far and for the next year.



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